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Excel VBA Training in English:Excel Macros and VBA Fundamentals

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The training course is designed to give advanced users of Microsoft Excel an understanding of how to automate procedures using excel Macros and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).This course concentrates on introductory programming topics and good programming practices, showing how these programming techniques can be used to model and manipulate date. Participants will be encouraged to write programs to meet their specific needs, as there is an increase in the need to analyze and develop ever more complex “what if” scenarios.


At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Record macros

Write control structures

Build procedures, which use variables

Program components within Excel


Key topics

1. Introduction to Excel Macros

1) What is a macro?

2) Record a macro

3) Urn a macro

4) Relative references

5) Assign a macro to a button on a worksheet

6) Assign a macro to a button on a toolbar

7) Button image editor

2. Editing Excel Macros

1) The Visual basic editor

2) The project explorer

3) The code window

4) Procedures

5) Insert comments

3. Introduction to VBA

1) Development environment

2) Menu and toolbars

4. Structure of Procedures

1) Call procedures

2) Organize procedures

5. Working with objects

1) Introduction to objects and collections

2) Control objects

3) Use the object browser

4) Use objects, properties and methods

6. VBA codes

1) If …Then …Else

2) Select case


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